RiverRun Dog Training

Agility Weaver's workshop -   the next date will be in the fall of 2018
The Agility Weaver's Workshop is open to all agility students. The workshop is designed to improve your dog’s weaves regardless of dog’s skill level.

This workshop event will be held on 15 dates between October and December. You can sign up as a drop in for just $10. Per session or you can purchase a punch card. Purchase a punch card to attend 10 of the session for just $75. Or purchase all 15 sessions for just $100.
The scheduled workshop date are listed below.

Levi's Agility Challenge  - TBD

We will have a contest again this week to see who has mastered certain agility skills. Wonder who will win this week's challenge.....A small prize will be awarded.

MoonLight Maddness - Independent Agility Work Session/obedience practice -   TBD

The Agility field and training Center will be open for practice on Sunday, August 2nd for independent training.. The field is open to all dog currently enrolled in agility and also dogs enrolled in obedience . The cost for an the afternoon of training is $5. Anyone who is not currently enrolled in classes may join this practice session for $8.
Short sequences will be set up for practice outdoors. Indoor practice will also be available.
If the weather is cooler we will practice under the lights outside. If the temperature is to hot for the dogs we will be practicing indoors.