RiverRun Dog Training

We will be starting a beginners AKC Rally Class at the send of January 2023.   Please contact us via email as soon as possible as space will be limited.    




Whether you plan to compete with your dog or just want to teach your dog better execution of basic obedience moves. This is the class for you. During this class we will be teach basic obedience maneuvering techniques and also novice and advanced rally exercises.

Your instructor will cover rules and regulations that apply to rally competition. Novice rally courses will be set up for practice.

This Class is open to both beginners and intermediate students.

The cost of this class depends on which option you sign up for.
This class will be offered for 8 weeks, broken down into two 4 week sessions. You can sign up for one or all three session at once.
The cost of each four week session is $120.

To sign up for this class you must contact Paula Thomason either thru email = RiverRunDog@aol.com or Pmessg on facebook. Registration forms must be filled out prior to the first day of class.