Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog Testing 

June 2016

MoonLight Maddness 

Open Field Agility   -

Saturday,  July 3rd at 7:30pm

RiverRun Agility Students  at the March 11, 2016 CPE agility trail in Youngsville.

Toys For Tots Charity Event

AKC Rally Obedience  Advanced  - Thursday  August 18th at 7pml

Basic Obedience   -

Saturday,  July 23rd at  9am  This Class is Full 

Basic Obedience   -

Saturday,  August 6th at 10am

Basic Obedience   -

Saturday,  June 25th at 10am     This Class is fulll

Therapy Dog Workshop

Sunday, May 22nd  

starting ​at 1pm 

 DSS Assessments 

Sunday August 7th  by appointment only - email for details    

December 2015

Beginners'   Agility  -

Saturday's  12noon

Introduction to Agility  - Saturdays and Monday evenings.

Our Halloween Agility Fun Run and costume contest. -  

Training indoors and out.

Day Training  -  we have  openings available 

Dog Training and Canine Behavioral Counseling 

Behavior Modification Sessions

Fun Agility 

Puppy Classes

Walking on leash Class

CGC training and testing


Fayetteville NC’s Full Service Dog Training Facility   T

RiverRun's lead trainer is North Carolina's only CCPDT trainer that has been tested and certified for both her Knowledge and Training Skills. 

 Offering Fayetteville and the surrounding communities professional high quality dog training services, taught by nationally certified instructors for over 20 years.

Where dog training is a pleasurable experience for both the dog and the owner. 


More Wag, Less Bark

RiverRun Dog Training

Beginner's  Agility Class  -

Saturday,  July 16 at 12noon

Our Halloween costume contest. - October 2015

Basic Obedience   -

Thursday,  July 21st at 6pm This class is full 

Basic Obedience   -

Saturday,  July 9th at 11am  This Class is Full

Intermediate Obedience  Class

July date to be determined. 

Tug Toy Makers Workshop Charity Event

Classes are not posted as full until after all paperwork has been submitted.  Availability is not guaranteed.

Therapy Dog Testing 

September test date TBD

Introduction to Agility  -

Saturday,  June 11th at 12noon

Competition Agility 

Therapy Dog Testing 

Sunday, May 29th  

starting ​at 2pm 

December 2015


Last update 7/24/16

Rowdy Rover Competition Agility Class  -  Tuesdays' 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Novice Agility  -

Mondays  7pm

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Fun Agility